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MorEPA Platinum
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Platinum 60 Softgels

MorEPA Platinum

Proved Scientifically

One MorEPA® Platinum softgel provides a amazing high amount as 1100 mg
Omega-3 with 765 mg EPA and 240 mg DHA and extra vitamin D per 1 softgel.
Omega-3’s for maintaining a healthy blood circulation, while the EPA content is kept
high in order to boost your emotional wellbeing. High EPA fsh oil supports mood
and helps maintain clear arteries, as physical wellbeing, all enormous advantages
to keep your Omega-3 levels above the healthy advised 8% in your body.
One capsule a day for individuals with requirements for high Omega-3.

MorEPA Platinum
MorEPA Platinum
Basic assistance in maintaining a
healthy heart and blood circulation,
contributes to healthy cholesterol and
supports emotional well being